Vincennes racecourse hosts all types of event:
- conventions
- events (fashion shows, car sales, casino evening)
- events centred on sport
- events on the race track itself
- anniversaries and birthdays

Equipment available:
- a giant 118 sq m screen
- high-performance video equipment
- a panoramic restaurant seating 1,800 persons
- more than 5,000 sq m of exhibition halls
- a concert area with capacity for audiences of more than 100,000 persons

With the racecourse, organise events  to enhance the reputation of your brand or company:

Giving a race the name of your company gives your brand high visibility.
We can offer the following visibility media:
- panels on the race track
- giant screen (160 sq m) and the racecourse TV screens
- the official race programme

You will thus reach the audiences of one of the sports most widely watched on television and also reports of the event on the radio and in the regional and national press.

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