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Paris-Vincennes just for you-exclusively!

Paris-Vincennes racecourse is equipped with:
- a giant 118 square-metre screen;
- panoramic restaurants seating 1,800 people;
- more than 5,000 square meters of exhibition spaces;
- a concert venue with capacity for more than 100,000 people;
- very high quality video equipment.

These modern facilities give free reign to your imagination:
- events: fashion displays, sales of motorcars, casino evenings;
- events devoted to sport: Trophées Porsche, the 10th Anniversary of football on Canal+;
- events on the track: the Paris Marathon, "Jogging des Notaires", "Paris Air Folies" air meeting;
- original conventions: Hewlett Packard, VAG Audi, Fiat Uno;
- memorable anniversaries : the 10th Anniversary of Matra Communication, the 20th Anniversary of Continent and the Centenary of Mercedes Taxis.

Provide a great horse racing event!
- Do you wish to be better known? Rename a race with that of your company! You will benefit from some of the best audiences watching sport on television, the printing of your logo on the official race programme and reporting of the event in the national and regional press.
- If you wish, we can organise races dedicated to your client—roadster or sulky races. A number of guests can experience the joy and excitement of trotting in the company of a professional jockey. The other guests can place fictitious bets on these races!

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