Café Casaques

With contemporary lounge style decoration, friendly atmosphere and simple, generous cuisine, Le Café Casaques has now joined Le Sulky et Le Prestige, true institutions of 'gastronomy at the races'.

Open on race days:
Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 am to 6 pm,
Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Have a drink, lunch, dinner or a snack at Le Café Casaques!
Race-goers in a hurry, people who are passionate about watching races and also families lunch or dine here—at their own speed. A variety of hot and cold dishes for comfortable meals. A simple and welcoming venue with a clear view of the track.

At Le Café Casaques, your order at the counter and then find a seat.
A relaxing drink? A sandwich? A fine dish to savour slowly? All these are available, with a view of the races. And the atmosphere is magical at night!

The innovative menu at Le Café Casaques changes with the seasons...
There is something for all tastes and all appetites—and there is no reservation!

Hot dishes from €8.50
Savoury tart
Italian open sandwich
Classic Casaques Club sandwich
Beef tartare
Dish of the day

Set menus from €9.50
1 Parisian sandwich + 1 crumble + 1 mineral water
1 small salad + 1 seasonal fruit tart + 1 mineral water
1 savoury tart + 1 fromage blanc + 1 mineral water

Desserts from €3.50
Waffle with sugar
Waffle with chocolate
Fruit salad
Seasonal fruit tart

... and of course:
Hot and cold drinks

Taste the show at Le Café Casaques!

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